Edge Lever Handle M212

Edge Lever Handle M212
Description Edge Lever Handle Edge, Peter Marino 2008
DK by security, Anti burglary system - The DK by security is a anti-intrusion system and it is always activated.
Superfinish® - 30 years guaranteed resistance
BioChrome®, Ecological Chrome - BIOCHROME® is an exclusive Olivari finish that protects the environment.
Material: Brass and wood/glass/corian
Finishes: EB(Biochrome Bright/Satinated), EV(Biochrome Bright/Oak wood), EW(Biochrome Bright/Wenge), 6E(Biochrome Bright/Mat Glass), EA(Biochrome Bright/White Corian), EN(Biochrome Bright/Black Leather), EE((Biochrome Bright/Brown Leather), MC(Mat Chrome/Cherry), MV(Mat Chrome/Oak), MW(Mat Chrome/Wenge), 6M(Mat Chrome/Mat Transparent), MA(Mat Chrome/White Corian), ZC(Supergold Bright/Cherry wood), ZV(Supergold Bright/Oak wood), ZW(Supergold Bright/Wenge), ZN(Supergold Bright/Black), ZE(Supergold Bright/Brown Leather)